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Gaming consoles ranked by the visual appeal of the hardware. Please rank them yourself!

(via This is where I’d put my band - Cheezburger)

I love this remix album! Especially the track "Clocktown".


My short talk how CSS Flexbox will help creating “flexible” Web Apps. It was recorded at this years Fronteers Jam Session.

Quick note@kizmarh actually did the header example with floats alone by reordering the DOM elements (nice trick). But I think it’s still a bit limited and only one “flexible” element is possible. Also, Flexbox has lots of other cool features I haven’t mentioned.. like reordering and wrapping.

PS. This was my first time ever talking in front of people.. so it might be a bit rough and rushed. ;-)

Update: Uploaded the Mail UI example, but the code might be a bit messy. I just quickly did for the talk. Also, only tested in Chrome.

I wish I could use this now. But I guess we can wait quite a while before this is widely supported.

Here I ranked the IMHO best video game soundtracks. The order is not very strict. E.g. I actually like the first 4 ranks about the same. It depends on the day how I’d rank them. When I haven’t linked a playlist of the full soundtrack I listed the songs I like most (the song I like most first).

I still play these SNES games from time to time. Great games. They don’t make them like this anymore.


Robotic dinosaurs.

Best Pony


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This brilliant person took my Browser Ponies and put Sherlock characters into it!